Non Performing Loans

If you ever heard about real estate NPL, also known as Non Performing Loans, and you want to know why they are considered one of the best investment on the market, you’re in the right place. Glorious Crew has the right sector professionals dedicated to this new real estate market.

Non-Performing Loans: Definition

Non-Performing Loans are those bank credits that debtors cannot settle. For certain banks, this would mean not having the assurance to be able to collect the debt.

According to the International Monetary Fund, in Italy there are around 350 billion NPLs, that is a third of the estimated amount in Europe. Many of these NPL have real estate properties as a guarantee and that is where we talk about real estate NPL.


Specifically, what are NPL in real estate?


  • Non-Performing Loans: they refer to defaulted assets in relation to banks that have a real estate property as a guarantee.
  • Unlikely to pay NPL: in this case the bank estimates that the debtor can settle the debt and even here there is a property as a guarantee.
  • Expired exposures: in this case they refer to credits expired from more than 90 days.

Banks, instead of manage personally the sale of non-performing loans as a guarantee for credits necessary to settle the debt, they choose to leave the management of these properties to third-parties that are able to manage them professionally.

Are real estate NPL a benefit or not?

After 2008, the number of NPL in the Italian real estate market has increased exponentially. Because of this reason, the market could be considered saturated, but that is not all gold that glitters.

The process of real estate NPL acquisition is not smooth.

Glorious Crew helps you in choosing the perfect NPL

A difficult procedure, especially for what concerns the analysis and the choice, requires an expert and professional partner. In Glorious Crew we have a special team dedicated to NPL acquisition that would satisfy client’s perspectives, both in terms of performance and acquisition. 

“A whish doesn’t change anything, a decision changes everything”


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